Why am I blogging?

I've resisted blogging for some time now. Like many, I've wondered if I have anything to say that others want to read. Wondered if I had anything new or different to add to the biblioblogosphere (hate that tag but I suppose it describes what we do). Why Irreverant Librarian? Well, I like to laugh, don't take myself too seriously nor do I take our world overly seriously. Not that literacy, reading, accessing information etc. are not very serious issues, but even serious matters can be viewed through a humourous lens sometimes. I worry about asking questions that might be offensive but I think asking questions is better than band wagon jumping so I'll try to question tactfully.
I'll keep you up to speed with what I'm reading (blogs and books), what I'm listening to, what I'm cooking & what's happening in my garden.
Hope to hear from those who agree and disagree with me.

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